Ear, nose and throat

What are 'Ear, nose and throat' services?

Hospital treatment for the investigation and treatment of the ear, nose, throat, middle ear, thyroid, parathyroid, larynx, lymph nodes and related areas of the head and neck. For example: damaged ear drum, sinus surgery, removal of foreign bodies, stapedectomy and throat cancer.

  • Tonsils, adenoids and grommets are listed separately under Tonsils, adenoids and grommets.
  • The implantation of a hearing device is listed separately under Implantation of hearing devices.
  • Orthopaedic neck conditions are listed separately under
  • Back, neck and spine.
  • Sleep studies are listed separately under Sleep studies
  • Chemotherapy and radiotherapy for cancer is listed separately under Chemotherapy, radiotherapy and immunotherapy for cancer.

Which level of Hospital cover includes these services?

To find out which level of Hospital cover includes ear, nose and throat, please refer to our Hospital Comparison Table.

What MBS item numbers are included in the 'Ear, nose and throat' category?

Please refer to privatehealth.gov.au for MBS item numbers that are included in the 'Ear, nose and throat' services category.

Important, please note.
The MBS item numbers listed will attract benefits from HIF provided that:

(a) the MBS item number forms part of a hospital inpatient admission;

(b) the Member holds an eligible Hospital Cover product which includes the clinical category that the MBS item relates to;

(c) the Member has served the necessary waiting periods; and

(d) the Membership is financial at the date of service. To search for more information on a  particular MBS item number, simply copy and paste the MBS item number into the Private Health website which will advise the clinical category of the MBS item number.