Pain management with device

What is 'Pain management with a device' service?

Hospital treatment for the implantation, replacement or other surgical management of a device required for the treatment of pain. For example: treatment of nerve pain, back pain, and pain caused by coronary heart disease with a device (for example an infusion pump or neurostimulator).

  • Treatment of pain that does not require a device is listed separately under Pain management.

Which level of Hospital cover includes these services?

Pain management with a device services are included under our Silver Plus No Maternity Combo, Gold and Gold Star Hospital policies.

What MBS item numbers are included in the Pain management with a device services category?

14218, 39125, 39126, 39127, 39128, 39130, 39131, 39133, 39134, 39135, 39136, 39137, 39138, 39139