Pregnancy and birth

What are 'Pregnancy and birth' services?

Hospital treatment for investigation and treatment of conditions associated with pregnancy and child birth. Treatment for the baby is covered under the clinical category relevant to their condition. For example, respiratory conditions are covered under Lung and chest. Female reproductive conditions are listed separately under Gynaecology. Fertility treatments are listed separately under Assisted reproductive services. Miscarriage and termination of pregnancy is listed separately under Miscarriage and termination of pregnancy.

Which level of Hospital cover includes these services?

To find out which level of Hospital cover includes pregnancy and birth, please refer to our Hospital Comparison Table.

What MBS item numbers are included in the Pregnancy and birth category?

Please refer to for MBS item numbers that are included in the 'Pregnancy and birth' services category.

Important, please note.
The MBS item numbers listed will attract benefits from HIF provided that (a) the code forms part of a hospital inpatient admission; (b) the Member holds an eligible Hospital Cover product; and (c) the Member has served the necessary waiting periods.  To search for more information on a particular item code, simply copy and paste the code into Medicare's online search function.