What are waiting periods?

Whether we’re answering your call, or helping you switch from another health fund, we don’t like to keep people waiting. But unfortunately waiting periods (the time you have to wait before you can claim for treatment) are a universal necessity. All health funds have them. We wouldn’t be able to offer our affordable premiums and generous rebates without them.  

Waiting periods refer to the amount of time you’ll need to wait before you can begin claiming on your health insurance policy. Essentially, they protect HIF and our members against people who simply join our health fund to claim large amounts and then leave. However, we always try to keep waiting periods to an absolute minimum. That’s why, if you join us from another health fund, we’ll take your previous membership into account so you don’t have to re-serve waiting periods on an equivalent level of hospital cover.

Did you know... Waiting periods for different services can sometimes vary between health insurers, but the Government pre-defines maximum waiting periods for certain hospital benefits, including:

  • 12 months for pregnancy and birth-related services
  • 12 months for pre-existing conditions and ailments
  • 2 months for psychiatric care, rehabilitation and palliative care 
  • 2 months for general hospitalisation

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