Where can I download a Health Cover Guide?

Want to learn more about our products and services? Our Health Cover Guides provide all the finer details.

Important: Please read the Health Cover Guide to ensure the cover you choose is suitable for your needs.

Domestic Health Insurance Cover Guide.

Hospital and Extras cover options for Australian citizens, permanent residents and green Medicare card holders.

Download a Domestic Cover Health Cover Guide

Overseas Visitors Health Cover Guide.

Visa-compliant Hospital, Medical and Extras cover options for international visitors and non-residents.

Download a Visitors Cover Health Cover Guide


HIF Health Insurance

Nobody likes to think about themselves, or their loved ones, falling ill or needing healthcare treatment. But it happens. And when it does, it’s good to know you have options. With HIF Health Insurance, we prefer to let our policies speak for themselves. Simply click “Get a Quote” and choose the right private health insurance for you.