How can I purchase Ambulance only cover?

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With regards to ambulance cover, we don’t currently offer ambulance-only insurance. Instead we include it as a standard benefit four of our Extras Cover policies.

Urgent and non-urgent ambulances are covered on our Saver, Special, Super and Premium Options Extras covers. The only types of ambulance service you wouldn’t be covered for are "inter-hospital transfers" (if you get moved from one hospital to another) and off-road & air ambulance transport.

With regards to benefits, we will fully cover the cost of the ambulance; the only time you’d be required to contribute is if the call out is considered “non-urgent” or “non-emergency”, in which case a small $50 co-payment would apply. There’s also no claiming limit for ambulance transport on our Extras Covers, so if you needed multiple ambulance trips in the same year, we'll cover them all for you.

You can choose any one of our Extras Cover products, for instance our Saver Options covers ambulance services and is one of our most popular Extras products and not only gives you cover for ambulance services, but also includes 22 other commonly used services such as general dental, optical, physio, chiro and pharmacy. More information on this cover can be found on our Extras Cover Choices page. 


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