How quickly will I get my visa compliance letter?

Instantly! Whether you join online or over the phone, your letter of visa compliance will be emailed to you automatically as soon as your application is submitted. The letter will be sent to you in PDF format, meaning you can forward it straight on to your immigration liaison. 

Please note: Visa compliance letters are not available on our basic non-working visa cover, Visitor Saver.

Useful tip: If you have registered a Hotmail or Gmail email address on your application form, please ensure you check your junk mail folder as our letters sometimes get filtered by those providers.


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Jon P posted at 6:42 PM 10-Jan-2018

so what do we do if we join the basic non working visitor cover which is marked as 'no visa compliance letter"?


HIF response: Hi Jon. As you mentioned, visa compliance letters are not available on our basic Visitor Saver cover. If you need a compliance letter for visa application purposes, please choose our Visitor Value cover instead.

Nicholas John Brock posted at 5:59 PM 02-Dec-2016


GlobalTree posted at 8:40 PM 20-Apr-2016

Thank you so much for the informative post.

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