How do I claim for my gym membership?

To claim a benefit on your gym membership, please follow these quick steps:

  1. Download and complete our HIF Claim Form;
  2. Download our Health Management Form and complete the top section; then
  3. Take your Health Management Form to your GP or medical practitioner and ask them to complete the bottom section.

Once you have all your documentation signed and ready to go, please return it to us by either:

  • Completing our online claims enquiry form;
  • Submitting your claim through our HIF Member app;
  • Faxing a copy of your two forms and your gym invoice to (08) 9328 1685; or
  • Posting all your documentation to: HIF, GPO Box X2221, Perth WA 6847

How much can I claim? 
Your annual benefit limit depends on the level of Extras Cover you hold. Here’s how it works:  

Healthy Lifestyle Benefits

Per-person annual limit
per calendar year
Per-policy annual limit
per calendar year 

Want more information? 
If you have any questions about our gym rebates, please don't hesitate to get in touch

Conditions of claiming.
Please note that benefits will only be payable where:

  • You must provide evidence that the membership forms part of a personal health management plan.
  • The health management program has been recommended to the member by your referring GP or medical practitioner
  • All supporting documentation required by HIF in relation to the health management program has been completed in the manner required by HIF;
  • The provider/facility is approved by HIF; and
  • The member holds the appropriate level of Extras cover (Saver, SimpleSpecial, Super or Premium). Vital Options cover is not eligible for Healthy Lifestyle Benefits.

Please also note:

  • If submitting your gym membership claim by email, fax or the app, you must retain all original invoices/receipts for two years from the date you lodge the claim.
  • HIF reserves the right to randomly select claims for auditing purposes.