How do I make an Extras claim?

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Need to make an Extras claim? Choose from one of the following methods:

  1. Claim on the spot: Claim for Extras services on the spot using your HIF member card. Simply swipe it through the e-terminal* at your health service provider and your benefits will be deducted from the fee automatically. You then just need to pay any additional out-of-pocket expenses (if there are any). To find your nearest Extras provider with eClaiming facilities, please visit the HICAPS website
  2. Claim by smartphone, online, email or fax: Did you know that paid Extras claims can be submitted via our HIF Member mobile app, through your online member centre or via email or fax, courtesy of our Fast-Track system? To Fast-Track your claim, simply complete a claim form (you can type straight into this form and save or print your typed data) and fax it to (08) 9328 1685, along with your itemised accounts and receipts. Otherwise, scan your completed claim form and accounts, then email the documentation to
  3. Claim by mail: You can also submit your Extras claims by mail. Just download a claim form, attach the relevant accounts and post it to us. Our postal address is: HIF, GPO Box X2221, Perth, WA 6000.

Download a claim form. 
You can type into this form and save a copy.

*Available at all HIF providers that use HICAPS  or iSoft e-terminals.