What's covered for members who need an ambulance?

Understanding ambulance arrangements across Australia.

It’s important to understand that in the unfortunate event you require emergency ambulance transport, Medicare won’t cover the cost, although some state governments subsidise ambulance services, and some pensioners and low income earners may also be entitled to free ambulance assistance.

Click here to view the ambulance services you're eligible for in your home state.

What's included for members who need an ambulance on HIF Extras Cover.

The great news about HIF ambulance cover is that it doesn’t matter which level of Extras cover you choose, you have cover for emergency ambulance services. Most health funds do not cover ambulance services if they're considered 'non-urgent' (or 'non-emergency'). At HIF, on selected levels of Extras Cover, if your ambulance service is classified as 'non-urgent' all you have to contribute is a $50 co-payment. 

Please note:

  • Benefits are not payable for transportation from a hospital to your home, nursing home or other hospital.

  • Benefits are not payable for transportation for ongoing medical treatment.

  • Benefits are not payable for off road air ambulance (e.g. plane, helicopter or boat).

  • If your ambulance is classified as 'Non-emergency' a $50 co-payment will apply.