What maternity services are covered by HIF?

Whether it’s your first or your fifth child, a new addition to the family is always a magical time. So when it comes to maternity insurance, our affordable hospital cover options will give you peace of mind when you need it most. 

Private hospital cover allows you to plan for the journey ahead, such as choosing to have natural birth, or booking in an elective caesarean (which isn't always an option in the public system); And with over 60 years experience, HIF are experts in covering the birth of babies and the needs of new parents. Here are more reasons why our award winning range of hospital cover options are a smart choice for both new and established families:

  • You can choose your own hospital, obstetrician and other specialists
  • You’ll enjoy private room accommodation for maternity stays
  • You’ll be fully covered for labour ward fees
  • Your partner (or a parent, sibling or friend) can stay with you in hospital as a boarder at no extra cost (where available)
  • Your baby will be covered on your family policy for at least 21 years
  • There’s no limit to the number of legal dependents that can be included on a family policy with HIF
  • HIF members have access to over 500 private hospitals across Australia

HIF offers three affordable private hospital insurance policies which include maternity services. Our lowest level of cover which includes obstetric related services (amongst a host of other services) is our GoldSaver Hospital.  With GoldSaver, you have full cover for up to three nights in a private room whilst in hospital for a maternity stay, and we'll also pay a benefit towards hospital boarder fees for new parents. This enables your partner, parent, or even a friend to stay in hospital with you for the duration of your stay in a private room. Your labour and ward fees will also be fully covered.

It’s important to note that if you’re taking out maternity cover for the first time, the waiting period for all obstetric related services is 12 months. That means you’ll need to have held maternity cover for  at least 12 months prior to your due date - so remember to plan ahead and take out private hospital insurance as soon as you can. That way, you’ll have already served your hospital waiting periods long before your new bub arrives.

To find out more and compare some cover options, please visit our Maternity Cover page. 

Useful tip: It’s important to understand that you may incur some additional out-of-pocket fees (also known as a Medical Gap) depending on your chosen Obstetrician, as they’ll have their own set of fees for each medical item number and they can charge whatever they wish for their services. If you have chosen an Obstetrician who has opted in for HIF’s AccessGap scheme then you will have a minimal gap (if any), but providers can charge on a case-by-case basis, so we always recommend that our members request a list of fees in advance and then complete our Medical Benefit Estimate Form so that we can advise you of HIF’s contribution upfront . To find your nearest AccessGap provider, check out our online provider search tool.

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