How do I claim for a medical procedure?

Need to make a hospital or medical claim? No problem! 

When admitted to a hospital as a private patient, you will be asked to pay the excess (if applicable the excesses apply per-person per calendar year). After this payment all hospital accounts will be directly forwarded to us on your behalf.

Please note: For family policies, no excess applies to dependent children under the age of 18.

Doctor's accounts may include your surgeon, specialist, anaesthetist and assistant surgeon, and most doctors will also send their accounts directly to us to arrange both your HIF and Medicare benefits.

If you do happen to receive a hospital or doctor's account though, please post it directly to us at: HIF, Whadjuk Country, Reply Paid, GPO Box X2221, Perth, WA 6847.

Visit us in Perth.

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Download a claim form

Our new and improved claim form now makes it even easier for HIF members to submit a health claim. Simply open the form on screen, type directly into the fields within the PDF and then print it out. Easy! You can also save a copy of each completed claim form for future reference.

 Download a HIF claim form                        Download a Medicare claim form

NB: Please remember to sign each new claim form before sending a copy to HIF.

Important information

  • Please ensure you send all doctors accounts to HIF not Medicare (claims sent to Medicare first are not eligible for any AccessGap payments). Accounts are to be sent in with claim forms for both Medicare and HIF.
  • Medical claims can be sent by post or presented in person at our head office, though please be advised that we cannot provide immediate payment for AccessGap accounts presented in person.
  • Inpatient pathology and radiology accounts can either be submitted to HIF or Medicare first.  A claim form for both HIF and Medicare are required when submitting these accounts.
  • Our HIF Member app and Online Member Centre are only available for Extras claims. To submit a medical claim, please complete a claim form.

When lodging a claim, you must ensure the following details and documents are included:
(claims received without these details will be returned unprocessed) 

  • The member's full name
  • The patient's name
  • The healthcare provider's name
  • The member's signature
  • An itemised account 
  • The receipt (if paid)

Please also note:

  • We will retain a digital copy only of all documents relating to a claim.
  • All claims must be lodged within two years of the date of service.
  • Claims for services older than two years will not be processed.