Could psychedelic drugs be the answer to treating mental health?

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HIF led a timely and thought-provoking discussion on alternative emerging therapies in treating mental health conditions at the Australian Medical Association (WA) conference MEDCON22 in Perth last week and it generated a huge amount of media interest.

Ahead of the conference on 22 July, our CEO Justin James sat down with 6PR’s Oliver Peterson to address the possibility of using drugs like MDMA in therapy to treat chronic mental health conditions.

Mr James told Oly on Perth Live that overseas studies are showing ground-breaking results and Australians need to be open minded to this as a treatment option.

“We do have a mental health crisis along with the rest of the world due to Covid, so if we can have better options around treatments then we should look at those,” he told Oly.

“These emerging treatment options are certainly what our consumers and members are asking for. We do understand the controversy surrounding particularly psychedelics, but in saying that we are backing the research and leading and trying to learn what is possible.

Mr James also took calls from Perth Live listeners and the phone lines lit up with questions keen to join in the conversation.

To listen to the full 6PR interview with Oliver Peterson, please click here. 


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