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Peter and Margaret live in Albany, WA. They switched their Hospital & Extras insurance from Medibank in 2014 and were initially amazed by the savings they made with HIF, as well as our great dental and optical benefits.

Peter recently shared the following review online and gave HIF permission to share it here on our blog, 

"Any insurance company is ultimately only as good as how they handle claims and having swapped very recently from one of the largest funds this was my first test. I am pleased to say that the claim process could not have been quicker and the amount paid back for some recent dental treatment I believe was equal to, if not a little more than my previous provider would have paid. I have also just bought a new pair glasses and sunglasses and when the Optician processed the claim she was amazed at the size of rebate! Thank you very much HIF, one more tick in the very pleased box."

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