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After recently identifying a point of confusion in the market, HIF believes it’s important for consumers to know that same-sex relationships can be covered on HIF’s couple and family health insurance policies.

HIF Managing Director Graeme Gibson said he believes many members of the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex communities may not even be aware that they are able to take out joint (couple or family) health cover.

“Recently HIF targeted a series of ‘couples cover’ ads to different demographic groups, including those in same-sex relationships.

“The ads continue to receive positive feedback and we’ve already seen an increase in same-sex couples joining HIF; In fact, the gay male post has received more engagement (comments, likes, shares and sales enquiries) than anything else we’ve posted on Facebook to date.  Similarly, the post we published for female couples has also generated a very positive response."

“At HIF we see same-sex couples the same as other relationships. We don’t consider them differently to heterosexual relationships and we really want to start reflecting equality in the community that we serve – and that community is diverse.”

Many same- sex couples and families are living ordinary lives and have relationship based responsibilities just like the broader adult population.  

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics 2011 Census, there were around 33,700 same-sex couples in Australia, with 17,600 male same-sex couples and 16,100 female same-sex couples.

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