HIF and Little Green Pharma enter partnership in support of medicinal cannabis access and research in Australia

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The partnership with West Australian-based LGP reflects increasing community interest and scientific evidence supporting medicinal cannabis as a significant treatment for many Australian patients.

It also represents the first time a major Australian health fund has publicly declared its support for access to medicinal cannabis treatments and the potential benefits it can have on the lives of Australians who are suffering from numerous debilitating health conditions.

A proudly Australian business, LGP produces an affordable range of high quality, strictly-tested CBD, balanced and THC-dominant medical cannabis oil products locally manufactured in Western Australia and available to Australian patients nationally via doctor prescription.

What does this mean for HIF members?

HIF will pay rebates for medicinal cannabis across all but one of its Extras policies with eligible members receiving up to $105 back per script. 

HIF and LGP will also be partnering to support future research to advance the understanding of the role medicinal cannabis can play in improving patient quality of life, with eligible HIF members entitled to priority participation in such research. 

Justin James, CEO of HIF, said supporting medicinal cannabis and partnering with Little Green Pharma was well aligned with HIF’s goals of providing new, alternative treatment choices to its members.

“We are exceptionally pleased to be the first Australian health fund to publicly declare our support for medicinal cannabis treatments and provide our members with rebates on these products.

“As a member-based health fund, our community is the motivation for everything we do, so assisting members through treatment options that can dramatically improve quality of life across different life stages is a key focus.

“HIF proudly provides choice to members – whether of specialist, hospital, clinic or medication – so our members can have the flexibility to control their own medical outcomes. Supporting members with medical cannabis as a treatment option is another choice, we are excited to provide to members.”

Mr James said HIF was also proud to support research into the potential benefits of medicinal cannabis, something both HIF and LGP were keen to pursue as soon as possible.

“Global research is showing promise, so we look forward to supporting more research being undertaken on local soil,” he added.

Fleta Solomon, Managing Director of LGP said the partnership is an exciting development for both HIF members and LGP.

“Our company has always had Australian patient access at the forefront. We were the first company in Australia to launch with locally grown and affordable medicinal cannabis products. Our disruptive pricing strategy led to the cost of medicinal cannabis products being significantly reduced in price nationally. We are proud to further contribute to driving improved affordability and our partnership with HIF, another patient-focused company, will mean better access to medicinal cannabis products for patients across Australia.”

For further information for HIF members, visit: https://www.hif.com.au/help/claiming-information/medicinal-cannabis-and-treatment-access

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