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HIF and the Perth Wildcats are pleased to announce a renewed three-year partnership, following the success of their work together over the last two seasons. The continued partnership will see the HIF logo remain prominently on the back of the Wildcats’ playing singlet in the 2015/16, 2016/17 and 2017/18 NBL seasons. 

HIF managing director Graeme Gibson said HIF is excited to be on the Perth Wildcats team yet again, “Founded in Perth back in 1954, HIF is a truly West Australian and nationally successful organisation, and like the Wildcats, we put our members first and we offer Wildcats members 12% off regular health insurance membership,” Mr Gibson said.

The Perth Wildcats are thrilled with the alignment as they continue to encourage West Australians into making healthy lifestyle choices, like those supported by HIF.

“Some time ago we walked away from junk food and alcohol sponsorship so it is terrific to have HIF remaining on board with us to help promote healthy living and to have those shared values,” said Wildcats managing director Nick Marvin. “We aim to not only inspire and entertain, but to also leave a legacy in the West Australian community and the ability to promote healthy living through this partnership makes it a great fit.”

HIF managing director Graeme Gibson says HIF remains the best value health fund following the Federal Government’s premium increase announcement in March. Of all the health funds available to the general public, HIF again delivered the lowest weighted average increase.

Mr Gibson said “HIF works hard to provide the best value policies for our members and to keep price rises down to the minimum necessary. “It's in our DNA. HIF has kept its premiums low whilst also achieving membership growth of 27 per cent over the past 12 months to March 2015, compared to an industry average of around three percent.”

Media contact: Donna Cole, LastSay Communications, 0419 901 229. Ciaran O’Neill Perth Wildcats, 0415 430 791.

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