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Exciting news! HIF has partnered with Everyday Health, a brand new show on Channel 10 which will air for 13 weeks from today through to September. 

Brought to you by the team who produce Network Ten’s successful cooking shows Good Chef, Bad Chef and Everyday Gourmet, Everyday Health is a new lifestyle show which features an experienced panel of presenters including Tiffany Cherry, Casey Beros, Bridie O’Donnell and Sam Wood.

The show will air from 2.30-3.00pm Monday to Friday, and discusses key themes relevant to our health and wellbeing such as exercise and fitness; food and nutrition; family matters; kids’ health; sex and relationships; mental health; and natural therapies.

A health insurance information session will also be discussed once a week, featuring a range of HIF spokespeople including Executive Manager Anne Humphrey, dental blogger Dr Emma, nutritional blogger Susie Burrell and fitness blogger Matt Fuller, plus a range of testimonials from happy HIF members.

What will we see in week one?
On Thursday 23 June, HIF Executive Manager Anne Humphrey joins the Everyday Health panel to provide clarity on the Medicare Levy Surcharge and discuss the tax benefits of having a private hospital insurance policy for those earning $90,000 and over. 

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