HIF Gold Hospital Nil Excess Cover Awarded No 1 for Growing Families

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The team at The Australian Financial Review's highly credible “Smart Investor” magazine has awarded our Gold Hospital Nil Excess cover the 'Best Hospital Plan for Growing Families' in NSW and ACT.  

And of course, we agree. After all, for less than $6 a day Gold Hospital Nil Excess gives a whole range of great benefits including a private room for inpatient maternity in over 500 quality private hospitals around Australia and not to forget, it will also give exemption from the Medicare Levy Surcharge.

Graeme Gibson, Managing Director of HIF commented:

"It’s very pleasing to see our Gold Hospital Nil Excess cover be awarded by the people at Smart Investor magazine.  We’ve been working very hard to keep premiums down below those of our competitors on Gold Hospital and across all our other health products, and we’ve also been adding additional benefits over time, like giving a private room benefit for inpatient maternity."

"Our Gold Hospital comes with additional choices too, like taking an excess to reduce premium contributions (and if an excess option is included, we won’t apply that excess for children who are admitted to hospital). And for those who just want peace of mind and want to avoid the Medicare Levy Surcharge, Gold Hospital is an excellent option."

To find out more about our affordable range of hospital insurance products please visit our Hospital Cover Options page.

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