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HIF members already know that our dental cover is a smart choice, that’s why they  joined HIF. And now our SmartTeeth cover just got smarter, because we’ve increased dental rebates – some of them by up to 12.9%.

Over the past year, we’ve taken a close look at dental fees and subsequently made the decision to improve dental rebates again. After all, we want to ensure our members continue receiving the value for money they’ve come to expect from HIF.

  • 12.9% average increase on maximum payments for the most popular preventative treatments. 
    HIF members can now get up to 12.9% more back on most preventative treatments under SmartTeeth. We understand that treatments like examinations and scale & cleans are very important to minimise the risk of tooth decay and other more serious health issues, which is why this increase is the highest.
  • 6.8% average increase on all other SmartTeeth services. 
    To further encourage regular dental maintenance, most other treatments covered by SmartTeeth (such as simple fillings ) will increase by an average of 6.8%. Rebates on some of the other dental treatments will also be increasing. 

What is SmartTeeth?

While there are hundreds of dental treatment items which can be provided by dentists, just 24 items account for more than 75% of HIF members' claims! Recognising these dental items are more popular with HIF members, we’ve put in place an increased rebate arrangement known as SmartTeeth

With HIF, members enjoy rebates up to 100%*.

Maintaining your smile is even easier and more affordable than ever. If you haven’t been to your dentist for a check-up this year, why not make an appointment today and make the most of these increased rebates with up to 100%* of the cost covered by HIF.

With HIF, you also get to choose your dentist.

Unlike some health funds, we won’t penalise you with lower benefits if you choose a dentist which is not on a list of approved dentists or contracted suppliers. As long as your preferred dentist is legally qualified to practice, the choice is all yours.

Benefits so good, even dentists are smiling.

Another reason we know SmartTeeth works is because HIF is the only health fund with a written endorsement from the Australian Dental Association of Western Australia (ADA WA ). 

Want to learn more about dental health care?

Check out our dental health blog by HIF's very own expert Dr Emma. There are heaps of great articles available covering a myriad of topics from acid-wear to x-rays!

If you have any queries about your Extras cover or specific dental benefits, feel free to call us on 1300 13 40 60 or email info@hif.com.au 
Please rest assured that we’re continually reviewing your rebates to ensure that you continue getting great value for money with HIF.
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