HIF Launches New Suite of Extras to Give Members More Choice

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Health Insurance Fund of Australia (HIF) has today launched an entire new range of Extras products for its members to choose from – Basic, Value, Simple, Essential, Advanced and Top Extras.

The change comes with the aim to simplify the offering, give members more choice and provide greater upfront value and benefits. These products have been created in consideration with what HIF’s 100,000+ members are looking for when it comes to Extras cover.

HIF is encouraging its members to consider what type of Extras cover is right for them, taking the time to read through the simplified products and align them with their lifestyle.

HIF Head of Product, Nikesh Hirani said the overall aim of providing these new products was to create a more simple, streamlined process for their members.

“We have listened to what our members and the wider community are looking for when it comes to their Extras cover and simplicity was a common theme. We’ve made our new products easier to understand for members, providing some higher benefits and flexibility with annual limits,” Mr Hirani said.

HIF CEO, Justin James, said the new Extras were put together by the brightest sparks at HIF, with the aim to make the whole process easier on their members.

“To stay fit and healthy, you need more than just cover in an emergency situation, you need services that help to look after your eyes, teeth, bones, muscles and mind,” Mr James said.

“Our goal is to ensure our members have choice and access to the best cover to suit their lifestyle and provide them with a sense of security.”

HIF members are not locked into a limited number of preferred providers, members have freedom to choose their own registered dentist, optician and other Extras providers. This is just one of the many things that makes all the difference with HIF. 

Full details of the new suite of HIF Extras cover can be viewed here.

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