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HIF Chief Executive Officer Justin James said, "As a business and as individuals, we wanted to make a commitment to educate ourselves and do better in acknowledging, respecting and learning from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, to do this, we established our very first Reconciliation Action plan (REFLECT) which has now been submitted and endorsed by Reconciliation Australia".

HIF worked closely with an internationally renowned Cultural Advisor, to genuinely understand what our businesses' first steps should be and to become better educated on the matter, by listening and understanding the long-lasting impacts of how our country was settled from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

HIF’s overall goal is to create a more inclusive and culturally aware workplace, a workplace that understands, values, and respects the histories and cultures of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

HIF has begun taking practical steps on this journey which has included cultural awareness training, Welcome to Country and acknowledgement of country exposure and most importantly listening and learning from the storytelling of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

We look forward to taking our members and all of our stakeholders on this journey with us.

Our Reconciliation Action Plan (REFLECT) can be viewed here.

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