HIF member Claire Chidgzey highlights the importance of reviewing her private health insurance. 

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In this short video clip, long-term HIF member Claire Chidgzey discusses her key life changes and explains the important role her private health insurance played during the premature birth of her gorgeous baby girl, Inez. 

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Claire Chidgzey: Hi, I’m Claire and I’m a mother of one. I own my own fitness business and I have a very active lifestyle. I’ve been a member with HIF for 33 years; I was first a dependent on my parent’s policy, then when I was 25 I purchased singles cover. Coming from a medical family, health insurance just was not an option for me; it was always something that I felt I needed to do. In 2012 I got engaged so I added my fiancé Stuart to the policy. We took out family cover knowing that we were going to start a family soon and we wanted to make sure we had top level maternity. My health insurance has been absolutely invaluable to me – when I was 32 weeks pregnant I was told that my baby was in distress and I would have to deliver her immediately. I was in ICU for a couple of days and my maternity stay turned out to be a week, which is longer than usual, but my daughter was in hospital for five and a half weeks. Our out-of-pocket expenses were really minimal; in fact, I think we’ve claimed three times more that what we’ve paid out in premiums. My health insurance gives me great peace of mind – my parents did it for me, I’m doing it for my daughter and I really hope she’ll do it for her daughter in the future.

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