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Welcome to SmartClaim from HIF, the Health Insurance Fund of Australia.             
SmartClaim is HIF's free and easy-to-use mobile claiming app that makes it simpler than ever to fast-track ancillary health insurance claims.

Tap. Snap. Claim. Easy.

SmartClaim lets you to make a claim wherever you are, whenever you like. It puts HIF in your pocket and the process is as simple as:

  • Tap in your details. Type your personal HIF membership information and claim details directly into SmartClaim.

  • Snap your receipts. Use your smartphone's in-built camera to snap photos of your invoices, then HIF's SmartClaim app will cleverly bundle them up for you, ready to submit with your claim details.

  • Submit your claim. Click the 'Submit' button within the app to complete your claim; then HIF will take care of the rest, reimbursing your money ASAP.

What can members claim with SmartClaim?

You can use SmartClaim to claim for any of HIF's broad range of covered ancillary services including acupuncture, chiro, dental, naturopathy, optical, osteopathy, pharmaceuticals, physio, podiatry consultations and more (depending on your level of HIF ancillary cover).

Who can use SmartClaim?

SmartClaim is available to HIF members who currently hold ancillary cover and use an iPhone or an Android powered mobile phone. You can download SmartClaim now from the Apple iTunes Store or the Android App Market, or for more information, visit the Mobile Claming page.

It’s fast, free and green.

While swiping your membership card is still the quickest way to claim, there may be instances where the eClaiming option is unavailable; and when that happens, SmartClaim will take the pain out of the manual process. It’s fast, free and reduces paper waste too.


Other ways to claim.

You can still make a claim by email, mail, fax or in person if you prefer. To find out more and download a claim form, please visit the How to Claim page.

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