HIF reconfirms it will return any claims savings made to members if elective surgeries are cancelled

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The WA Government has indicated that elective surgeries will again be cancelled if, and when, the Omicron COVID-19 variant becomes prevalent within the community.

As in 2020-2021, we give members our word that HIF will not profit from the pandemic and will again return to them any savings made as a result of delayed hospitalisations said HIF Chief Executive Officer Justin James.

“Last year HIF returned $2.8 million in COVID-19 claims savings to approximately 50,000 eligible members who held active, domestic Hospital and/or Extras cover. The savings potential for this year is unknown but our commitment to members will again be honoured in 2022,” Mr James said.

HIF has already invested close to $9 million in COVID-19 hardship measures to support members during these unprecedented times. Last year’s COVID-19 savings payment was only part of this commitment which also included the extension of mental health support, policy suspensions, and product updates to include access to telehealth and teledentistry services.

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