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HIF recognises that cancer is the most common disease facing Australians today - which is why we are proud to partner with Valion Health to improve the quality of life for members who have had a diagnosis.

Treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation therapy can take their toll on day-to-day life, even after finishing treatment.

Tailored to personal needs, Valion Health’s Cancer Support Complete Program is designed to support the physical and mental health of members with cancer and manage side effects such as fatigue.

The program is open to members who are having, or have recently completed, cancer treatment and those living with advanced cancer. It includes a care plan (which may also include support from a cancer nurse, dietitian, exercise physiologist, psychologist and yoga therapist over a 12-week period) and is offered in partnership with a member’s medical team.

HIF CEO Justin James said living well with cancer was about more than just getting through treatment.

“This program really does allow members dealing with cancer to have the support they need to get back to activities they enjoy. We encourage all members who are at any stage of their treatment to reach out.” James said.

The Cancer Support Program is available to eligible HIF members at no additional cost through Valion Health.

For more information about the program and the full eligibility criteria, please visit our Valion Health webpage here

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