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WA-based health insurer HIF has added improved surfer safety to its sponsorship of the 2013 Drug Aware Margaret River Pro kicking off at Surfers Point, Prevelly Park from March 16.

A proud supporter of the world-class competition for four years, HIF will this year also sponsor the HIF Water Safety Team at the event and has launched a campaign to provide two dedicated jet skis for use at future Surfing WA events.

Mandatory at all Surfing WA events, the Water Safety Team currently comprises two jet skis with a team of four qualified riders who tow surfers through difficult conditions, out of danger or to medical help if injured.

Until now, Surfing WA has had to hire jet skis and riders for these events, including surf schools.

Launched today, HIF’s Jet Ski campaign undertakes to allocate 12 per cent of the annual cover price of each new HIF health insurance membership taken up through the Surfing WA partnership until February 14, 2014, to purchase two jet skis for Surfing WA.

Surfing WA chief executive Mark Lane said HIF’s long term support had been significant in helping improve the services provided to the WA surfing community and importantly, safety.

“Having our own jet skis permanently will help us improve our delivery of water safety and to have our own expert team of emergency-response ski riders available for our many events,” Mr Lane said.

"Surfer safety and water safety are paramount in everything we do – from the first time surfer in our surf school, to a competitor in our state rounds, right through to the world champions competing at the Drug Aware Margaret River Pro.”

HIF managing director Graeme Gibson said HIF’s commitment to improving safety in the surf recognised that many Western Australians enjoyed surfing which could bring many health benefits.

“HIF is proud to support events that encourage people to be healthy and active, and surfing is a sport that has grown immensely in popularity with participants ranging from school age through to professional adults,” Mr Gibson said.

“West Australians spend a lot of time in and around our coastal waters and it’s important to be safe.”

The 2013 Drug Aware Margaret River Pro will feature 28 of the top 32 world-ranked male surfers and for the first time in 20 years will be a World Championship Tour women’s event, attracting all 16 of the world’s best female surfers.

  • Each new member who joins HIF as part of the HIF Jet Ski campaign will receive a $50 voucher to be used at the online surf store, SurfStitch.
  • New members must enter the promo code of HIFjetski for their membership to be eligible for this campaign. For more information visit: www.hif.com.au/jetski

The HIF Water Safety Team at the Margaret River Pro 2013

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