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HIF has teamed up with the community movement Cold Nips for a sunrise dip in the ocean to mark World Sleep Day today.

Research shows that exposure to light during the day – particularly first thing in the morning – improves your mood, alertness and metabolism. It can also make or break how easily you can fall asleep at the end of the day.

HIF has made a commitment in 2023 to help its members get a better night’s sleep through its Sleep Eazzzy with HIF campaign – and CEO Justin James said there was no better day to promote the message than on World Sleep Day.

“We know for a fact, insufficient sleep or having poor quality sleep can lead to all sorts of severe medical conditions including obesity and heart disease, not to mention poor mental health,” Mr James said, reiterating the theme of the World Sleep Society’s World Sleep Day – ‘Sleep is essential for health’.

“We wanted to start with the basics and encourage people to get out there and get some of that all-important early morning light.”

This morning’s dip saw hundreds of Cold Nippers, wearing pyjamas and carrying their pillows, descend on Perth’s iconic City Beach.

The morning began at 5.30am with a meditation followed by a talk on the benefits of natural morning light and sleep by Dr Jennifer Walsh, Director of the Centre of the Sleep Science at the University of Western Australia, before a mass run into the Indian Ocean as the sun was breaking.

Dr Walsh, who has been working with HIF on the development of a sleep survey to be rolled out to members next month, said exposure to natural light effects your circadian rhythm – or your inner biological clock - which regulates the timings of when you are sleepy and awake throughout the day.

“When you get a good dose of bright, natural light in the morning, it can help you feel more alert during the day and helps you to feel sleepy in the evening and fall asleep earlier,” Dr Walsh said.

“We’re not expecting everyone to set their alarms early and run into the ocean, but we do encourage in the first hour after waking up, spending 30-40 minutes in direct sunlight, whether it’s walking, having breakfast outside or even opening the windows of your car when the weather is nice.”

Exposure to sunlight is also thought to increase the brain’s release of a hormone called serotonin, which plays an important role in mental health by regulating mood and emotions, something that resonates strongly with the Cold Nips.

“Our mission is to promote wellbeing, understanding and positive mental health among people so that we may all live a happier, healthier and fuller life,” said Cold Nips co-founder Ryan Linton.

“It’s great to partner with a like-minded organisation like HIF on World Sleep Day and promote all the good things that come from getting a good dose of morning light!”

Watch the HIF & Cold Nips World Sleep Day activation video on our YouTube channel here. 

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