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We're delighted to announce the launch of our brand new HIF Member App, which has now replaced our previous SmartClaim app. Making a claim, accessing your membership info, policy details and claims history has never been easier. Even better, it's all in one place. It’s just one more way we’re making a ‘hifference’ for our Members. 

So what's new? 

Our new and improved mobile app allows HIF Members to manage their policy at a time that suits them. The new features include:

‘My Claims’ section:

  • Make a Claim – lodge a claim instantly for a host of Extras health services including acupuncture, chiro, general dental, homeopathy, myotherapy, naturopathy, occupational therapy, optical, osteo, physio, remedial massage, speech therapy and traditional Chinese medicine.
  • Mobile Claims – in this section, you’ll find a record of all previous Extras claims lodged through this app.
  • Claims History – access your full claims history for all Hospital, Medical and Extras claims lodged on this Membership.

‘My Membership’ section:

  • My Policy – view your policy details, current premium and paid-to-date, plus all persons covered on your Membership.
  • Contact Details – view and update your email address, phone number, home address and postal address.
  • Membership Cards – need to order a new HIF Member card? Just hit the ‘Request’ button and we’ll pop a new one in the mail for you.

Within the app, you can also:

Plus - you can use the ‘Favourites’ link in the menu to customise your logged-in landing screen

Who can use HIF Member App? 

The HIF Member App is available to HIF members who are registered to use their Online Member Centre and currently hold Extras cover and use an iPhone or an Android mobile phone. You can download our HIF Member App now from the Apple iTunes Store or the Google Play Store.

Other ways to claim.

You can still make a claim by email, mail, fax or in person if you prefer. To find out more and download a claim form, please visit the How to Claim page.

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