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Have you ever sat in a dentist’s chair, thought about asking a question, had second thoughts, then left and later regretted it? Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

Here at HIF, we understand how important dental health is to our members and their loved ones. We also know that it can be confusing at times, which is why we invite you to head over to our Facebook page  and join us for our very first LIVE Q&A session with Dr Emma, HIF’s resident dental health expert. 

Save the date!

That’s right, on Friday 14 December Dr Emma will take control of our Facebook page for 30 minutes to answer any questions you may have, right there and then. Questions can be of a general nature or relate to something more specific, like Bruxism or dental care during pregnancy.

  • Date: Friday 14 December
  • Time: AWST: 12.30-1pm / AEDT: 3.30-4pm

We’re very excited about our inaugural Q&A session and encourage you to participate on the day. You can ask a question, post a comment, share the news or simply observe the conversations as they progress.

And don’t worry if you’re a little shy, you can submit an anonymous question in advance via our handy online comment form and we’ll ensure that you receive a response from Dr Emma in due course.

Please feel free to share the details of this Q&A with friends or family who may also have a dental question they would like answered - after all the more the merrier!

About Dr Emma

Dr Emma has been a practicing dentist in Perth for more than six years now, with seven years experience as a dental hygienist prior to that. Dr Emma began writing articles for our Healthy Advice Blog in February 2012, all of which have received great feedback from members and non-members alike. 

Important Notes: 

  • Please be courteous to Dr Emma as moderators are standing by to delete any inappropriate comments or spam.
  • The Q&A will operate on a first come first serve basis.
  • All questions will be answered in due course (once the scheduled 30 minute chat has finished).
  • Please note that for legal reasons, Dr Emma cannot answer questions which relate specifically to other dentists, personal treatment plans or dental fees. 
We hope to see you all there!
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