WA Public Patients Waiting Longer Than Ever for Urgent Operations

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The latest report is out on elective surgery waiting periods in the WA public system, and it’s not pretty.

According to this article posted on PerthNow this week, WA public patients are now being forced to wait longer than ever for elective surgeries, including those deemed urgent.

Some of the key findings within the article were:

  • The waiting lists for urgent ‘Category One’ surgeries, including cancer and heart related operations, has increased by a whopping 52% in the past 12 months.
  • The number of patients waiting too long for Category Three elective surgeries, such as operations to replace knees and hips, also increased by 49%. 
  • Patients requiring hip or knee surgeries may be waiting up to 18 months before they are operated on.
  • The survival rate of stroke patients aged 60-69 in public hospitals decreased from 92.5% to 89.7%.

In contrast, WA patients who hold private hospital cover are usually treated immediately following consultations with their specialist. 

Yet another reason why having private health insurance is a smart choice.

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* Some hospital insurance policy waiting periods may apply to patients with pre-existing conditions.


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