What if … we made some changes to payment methods?

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Graphic with HIF branding that reads "What if we made some changes to cheque payments?". A cheque and pen are covered by a red stop symbol.

According to the Australian Government, the use of cheques has declined by almost 90% over the past 10 years1, with Australians choosing to move to more convenient, secure and digital payment methods. 

In this modern world, cheques are considered slow, harder to track and also vulnerable, whereas paying electronically is secure, faster and much more cost effective. 

From Monday 27 May 2024, we will no longer be making cheque payments to you for your claim benefits or premium refunds. This means we’ll need to have your direct credit details so we can pay your benefits directly to your nominated account. 

Need to update your bank details? Remember, you can do everything online via our Online Member Centre.

Got a question? You can email us at hello@hif.com.au or call 1300 134 060 and one of our friendly Member Service Advisors will be able to assist. 

1Modernising payments infrastructure by phasing out cheques | Treasury Ministers

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