HIF extends telehealth mental health services for members impacted by lockdowns

HIF News

For the goodwill of members requiring mental health support in Victoria, NSW, and ACT, HIF will continue to provide telehealth mental health services during the current lockdowns. 

Effective until 30 September 2021, services will be available for all Victoria, NSW and ACT HIF contracted hospitals and will include half day programs or outreach services that utilise digital telehealth platforms, where a patient is not able to physically attend a healthcare setting. 

HIF CEO, Justin James said it's important to continue supporting our members who are doing it tough in states with tight lockdown restrictions. 

“We’ve seen a significant increase in the number of members utilising mental health services, due to the long lasting impacts of COVID-19. We hope extending the availability of these services will help our members who require some additional mental health support, as lockdowns continue to extend” said James. 

Important, please note: HIF members on domestic policies are also eligible to access HIF's Mental Health Navigator - a FREE, discreet and confidential service that provides an expert review of your mental health diagnosis plus an ongoing treatment plan with support. It provides access to a network of 50,000 leading Australian-based clinical psychologists, psychiatrists and mental health nurses who will review your current condition (and when needed) modify your diagnosis. For more information, visit our Mental Health Navigator web page.