HIF member, Sean Weragoda explains how he avoided the Medicare Levy Surcharge

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Did you know... if you don't have private hospital insurance and you earn over $90,000 as a single (or $180,000 as a couple), you may pay extra tax this year due to the Medicare Levy Surcharge (MLS). You can remove the MLS next year though (and save $$$ in tax) simply by purchasing an HIF GoldVital Hospital policy which is Australia's lowest priced Hospital Cover.* Here's a short testimonial from Dr Weragoda who purchased GoldVital purely to avoid the MLS. 

Transcript: My name is Dr. Sean Weragoda, I’m a dentist. I’ve been a member of HIF for about a year or so. I have the GoldVital Hospital Cover. At the time I was looking for health insurance which would help me to avoid the Medicare Levy Surcharge, so I looked around and they were very reasonable with their prices. And then since I’ve been with them, every time I talk to them they’ve been very helpful, they’ve answered my questions and overall I’ve been very happy with my experience.

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*Excludes Northern Territory
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